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Originated in the United States in 2015, "Orimag" has become a globally registered brand. Orimag derives from the combination of two English words, namely "Origin" and "Magic". "Origin" refers to beginning and source; "Magic" means miraculous, fantastic and wonderful. "Orimag" can also be understood as "the origin of magic." Orimag is committed to the development of intelligent projection products that bring people a magical experience, subverting consumers' visual experience habits and allowing them to enjoy the visual feast brought by the big screen anytime and anywhere.

In 2016, Orimag designed the world's smallest intelligent projector ORM-P6, which won several international design awards, "POCKET SIZE, BIG WORLD" means "small in size but broad in vision". In April of the same year, Orimag participated in the Hong Kong International Electronics Fair and achieved a sensation in the industry. It was praised as "Magic Product" by many overseas media and was considered an incredible product. On YouTube, the product videos achieved millions of hits in just a few days.

Favored by the French famous brand Polaroid in 2017, Orimag's whole new ORM-P8 won the largest order in DLP projector industry at that time, with a single order amount of millions of dollars. In the same year, Orimag registered in China as a Chinese brand "OuRuiMai".

In 2018, Orimag launched its latest product ORM-P9 in China, which is a high-end projector comparable to traditional theater screen and large-screen TV, with built-in Android smart system, higher-end chips, and greater brightness. There are ample reasons to believe that ORM-P9 will definitely bring consumers a more cool, more powerful and ultimate visual experience.

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